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Примерные тестовые задания
Национального квалификационного тестирования нового формата для педагогических работников и приравненных к ним лиц.
1-БЛОК: Английский язык
Задания с выбором одного правильного ответа

1. The synonym of “effect”
A) outcome
B) put on
C) share with
D) cultivate
E) pompous

2. Complete the idiom:
To cry for the …
A) neck
B) moon
C) hand
D) head
E) sun
3. Finish the idiom:
Troubled _____
A) air
B) waters
C) rain
D) water
E) wind
4. The wrong formed word is
A) raindrop
B) raincloud
C) rainfall
D) rainbow
E) raincoat
5. Find the word with the meaning of “to travel somewhere by ship”
A) trim
B) sail
C) sleep
D) escape
E) slip
6. Choose a suitable word:
Table tennis is an _____ game for two or sometimes four, players
A) indoor
B) difficult
C) easy
D) teams
E) compulsory
7. Find a general word for the following group
A) education
B) subject
C) grade
D) faculty
E) school
8. Sentence with a mistake
A) The space capsule came down in Pacific
B) My new job starts in April
C) What a high building
D) Sweden is in northern Europe
E) A spider has 8 legs
9. The plural form of the word «cliff»
A) cliffs
B) cliveses
C) clives
D) cliffes
E) clivs
10. the correct articles:
__ man was spending __ month in __ foreign country.
A) The, the, –
B) The, a, a
C) The, – , the
D) A, – , the
E) The, -a, -the

11. We use article the
A) Victoria Station
B) Kennedy Airport
C) Great Wall of China
D) Cambridge University
E) Westminster Abbey

12. The correct preposition is:
I checked … a book from the library yesterday
A) for
B) of
C) at
D) out
E) in
13. The correct use of prepositions
We protested ___ delays ___ delivery ___ the goods.
A) about / under / of
B) against / in / of
C) along / behind / beside
D) against / of / in
E) across / over / after
14. Appropriate prepositions:
Children … sixteen years … age are not admitted to the bar … their parents.
A) of/at/with
B) over/with/without
C) at/of /with
D) under/of/ by
E) under/of/ without
15. Complete the sentence:
What have we got _____?
A) dinner
B) a dinner
C) for dinner
D) the dinner
E) at dinner
16. Complete the sentence:
My sister turned the house down but she couldn’t find her key …
A) somewhere
B) nowhere
C) nothing
D) some
E) anywhere
17. Choose a suitable pronoun:
They are not so young to travel by ____ own car.
A) they
B) our
C) ours
D) their
E) theirs
18. Correct use of pronouns
The policeman told … about the bridge.
A) them
B) hers
C) my
D) we
E) his
19. The correct answer:
I’ll take the doll and 2 badges. How much is that?
A) That’s $4.40 altogether
B) This is $4.40 altogether
C) It’s $4.40 altogether
D) Their are $4.40 altogether
E) These are $4.40 altogether
20. Appropriate answer
It is 12:40.
A) It is twelfth to one
B) It is twenty past one
C) It is twenty to one
D) It is twelve to one
E) It is fourty past one

21. Appropriate answer
A) 12.00 m.a
B) 13.00 p.m
C) 13.00 a.m
D) 12.00 a.m
E) 12.00 p.m
22. The correct answer:
Are Rolls Royce cars expensive? – Yes, _____
A) they are the most expensive
B) are the most expensive
C) it is the more expensive
D) they are the more expensive
E) it is the most expensive
23. The best alternative
The nurse is very ______. She spoke ______.
A) politely / polite
B) politely / politely
C) polite / polite
D) polite / politely
E) more polite / polite
24. Choose the correct variant:
A) National Academy’s Sciences
B) National of Academy Sciences
C) National Academy Sciences?
D) National Academy of Sciences
E) National of Academy Sciences
25. the correct answer:
July is _____ month in Kazakhstan.
A) warm
B) the hotest
C) hotter
D) the hottest
E) the coldest
26. He doesn’t smoke now, but he _____________ a lot when he was young.
A) had smoked
B) smoked
C) used to smoke
D) has smoked
E) was smoked
27. The verb: Present Simple Passive
A) are telling
B) are told
C) am telling
D) was told
E) is telling
28. The right verb form is:
Can I borrow that book when you _____ it?
A) finishing
B) „s finish
C) will finishes
D) finishes
E) „ve finished
29. The correct variant:
A) What are those people looking for?
B) What is those people looking for?
C) What do those people are looking for?
D) What those people are looking for?
E) What do those people looking for?
30. Modal verb followed by “to”
A) should
B) may
C) will
D) ought
E) need

31. My classes begin at 2 o clock. It is 1.45, I ______ now.
A) may leave
B) may have left
C) can leave
D) can left
E) must leave
32. Sentence expressing purpose
A) A river which is polluted is not safe for swimming
B) I haven’t seen you for ages
C) The road is too busy for the children to cross safely
D) The 1990 World Cup for football was played in Italy
E) What are you looking for?
33. Complete the sentence:
My father _____ drive a car.
A) lets me
B) lets me to
C) let to me
D) let me to
E) let me
34. The sentence formulated correctly is
A) Most parents want their children getting a university education
B) Most parents want their children to get a university education
C) Most parents want that their children get a university education
D) Most parents want their children get a university education
E) Most parents want that their children will get a university education
35. Complex Subject is not used with:
A) … was seen to…
B) … was supposed to…
C) … famous for…
D) … was said to …
E) … was known to…
36. Complete the sentence:
I wonder if the weather … fine tomorrow.
A) are
B) been
C) will be
D) was
E) is
37. Report the sentence:
Tom said: “I’m reading Robinson Crusoe”.
A) Tom said that he were reading “Robinson Crusoe”
B) He said he is reading “Robinson Crusoe”
C) He said he read “Robinson Crusoe”
D) Tom said that he was reading “Robinson Crusoe”
E) He said he reads “Robinson Crusoe”
38. Complete the sentence:
I still feel very tired….in the morning.
A) to wake up
B) as I wake up
C) when I’ll wake up
D) while I wake up
E) when I wake up
39. Report the sentence: „Have you seen John recently?? She asked us
A) She asked us whether they have seen John recently
B) She asked us whether have we seen John recently
C) She asked us whether they had seen John recently
D) She asked us whether had we seen John recently
E) She asked us whether we had seen John recently
40. Complete the sentence:
What _____if I offered you a job?
A) will you say
B) would you say
C) would have said
D) would say you
E) will have say

41. Find the zero conditional:
A) if past perfect, would + present infinitive
B) present simple, past simple
C) past simple, would + infinitive
D) present simple, if present simple
E) if present simple, future simple

42. Sentence with “Zero Conditional”
A) If I had been invited, I would have come
B) I wouldn’t be ill, if I hadn’t eaten so much ice-cream
C) You will succeed if you try hard
D) If I were a millionaire I would build a hospital
E) If you don’t water the plants, they dry up
43. Choose the unreal conditional:
A) If you speak English fluently, you’ll find a good job
B) You would have a good rest, if you came to my village.
C) If you spoke English fluently, you’ll find a good job
D) If you come to my country, you’ll have a good time
E) I’ll help you, if I find time
44. Define the function of Gerund in the following sentence:
Painting is one of my hobbies.
A) attribute
B) object
C) predicate
D) adverbial modifier
E) subject
45. Choose the sentence with Participle II:
A) She watered the flowers and left the room
B) Books written by Mark Twain are full of humor
C) Rats desert a sinking ship
D) He left the room without saying a word
E) Let sleeping dog lie
46. Choose the right verb form:
We thought about……early.
A) leaved
B) leave
C) to leaving
D) leaving
E) to leave
47. Define the part of speech of the underlined word:
She was fond of singing when she was a child.
A) Gerund
B) Infinitive
C) Participle 1
D) Adjective
E) Participle 2
48. Complete the sentence:
We’re sure….you again.
A) were seeing
B) saw
C) see
D) seeing
E) to see
49. Complete the sentence:
I’m thinking ……a house.
A) to buy
B) buy
C) of to buy
D) bought
E) of buying
50. Define the underlined word:
My elder sister enjoys listening to music.
A) infinitive
B) gerund
C) adverb
D) participle
E) modal verb

Задания с выбором одного или нескольких правильных ответов

51. Choose the words with the sound
[i] A) Fine
B) Hi
C) Like
D) Mike
E) Bill
F) Colin
G) Nine
H) Tim

52. The sentence with wrong preposition
A) Mozart was born in 1756
B) I’m sorry about the mess
C) They got married on last March
D) They are looking after parents
E) The train will be leaving in a few minutes
F) I don’t like going out at night
53. The correct prepositions
Sometimes I have problems … work, but … the whole I enjoy my job.
A) at/-
B) with/by
C) at/in
D) for/on
E) at/on
F) in/on
G) -/on
54. Sentence with reflexive pronouns
A) Those are my relatives
B) I work for myself
C) We did it ourselves
D) We got there by ourselves
E) They are doctors
F) These children are our pupils
55. Last month _________(2,725) people visited the exhibition.
A) two thousand seven hundred and twenty-five
B) two thousand seven hundred twenty-five
C) last monts twenty seven and twenty five people visited the exhibition
D) two thousand seven hundred and twenty-fifth
E) two thousand seven hundreds twenty-five
F) two thousands seven hundreds and twenty-five
56. Choose the nouns:
A) then
B) closet
C) cow
D) new
E) rainbow
F) slow
G) take
57. Find the correct sentence
A) He used to play tennis well
B) He didn’t used to swim
C) We used to lived in the city
D) My sister used to become a teacher
E) I used to being interested in music
F) He is used to read a lot at school
58. Complete the sentence. Mary said she ______that book.
A) would buy
B) had bought
C) had read
D) is buying
E) will buy
F) was reading
G) have buy
H) would read
59. The Participle 1
A) He didn’t accept any ideas discussing.
B) He tells us about a new building now being built in Astana
C) Opening the window Sheila injured her hand
D) To know her well, I realized something was wrong
E) You cannot sit to play computer games all day
F) I love to look at the sea
60. Choose the right answer:
I’m busy …..a lecture at the moment.
A) heard
B) hearing
C) in hear
D) on hear
E) to hear
F) hear

Контекстные задания
5 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа
On Mother’s Day , when Bob Feller was the most famous pitcher in the game, he arranged a special treat for his mother. He brought her to Chicago to her farm, so that for her first time, she would see her son pitch in a league game. Out of 45,000 people in the ball park on that day the ball struck Bob Feller’s mother on the head and knocked her unconscious. She was taken to hospital. It was Bob’s strange present on his Mother’s Day. Later she lived happily on her farm.

61. Bob’s mother was taken to hospital. ________
A) She has broken her hand
B) The ball struck on her leg
C) She was unwell during the game
D) She felt bad
E) She wanted to see the doctor

62. Bob pitch in_________
A) an everyday game
B) a local game
C) a league game
D) a football game
E) a hide and seek
63. Why did Bob Feller bring his mother to Chicago from her farm?
A) He arranged a special treat for her on her birthday
B) He wanted her to see his friends
C) he wanted to give present
D) He wanted her to do shopping
E) he wanted her to invite guest
64. Where did she go after that?
A) she came home
B) she visited her friends in Chicago
C) she came to her farm
D) she came back to the ball park
E) she went to her native town
65. She lived happily _____.
A) in Chicago
B) on her farm
C) with her children
D) with her son
E) with her pets
Контекстные задания
5 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа

НКТ Английский язык
You should use your knowledge of Country Studying.

66. The word Canada come from one of the Red Indian languages – Kanatta it means….
A) Indian hut
B) a tribe
C) land of Maple Leaf
D) a number of huts
E) Maple Leaves

67. Canada became a part of the British Empire in …
A) 1759
B) 1935
C) 1769
D) 1749
E) 1931
68. The official languages of Canada are English and French.
A) The French were the first settlers to this country.
B) It was a part of France.
C) Education in Canada is only in French.
D) The Prime Minister of Canada is French.
E) Most of the population are not French.
69. The head of the state in Canada is the Queen of Great Britain, because
A) the official language is English.
B) Canada is not the independent state.
C) Canada is a member of Commonwealth.
D) they do not want to be independent.
E) the most of the population in Canada are English.
70. Canada is washed by ____________oceans
A) Pacific and Arctic
B) Atlantic and Arctic
C) Indian, Pacific and Arctic
D) Atlantic and Pacific
E) Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic

Тест по 1-БЛОКУ: «Английский язык» завершен.

Рекомендуем пройти Тест по блоку: “Педагогика, методика обучения”

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      67 вопрос по английскому. 1763 Канада перешла во владение Великобританией.
      66 вопрос — слово «Канада» произошло от ирокезского слова kanata что означает «деревня»- village.
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    Вопрос 21 Midday — правильный ответ -12 p.m.(Е)
    Вопрос 36 Условное наклонение после if — должно использоваться Настоящее время. Правильный вариант is (Е).
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    См.ссылка: https://english-grammar.biz/dictionary/en-ru/affect.html
    В 21 вопросе правильный ответ: E. 12.00 pm =noon/midday. 12.00 am=midnight.
    В 32 вопросе вариант Е- это вопросительное предложение. Лишь нет вопросительного знака. Правильным считаю: С. Дорога слишком перегружена, чтобы её пересечь.(с целю пересечь её!)
    В 65 вопросе измените на: ON her farm

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