НКТ. Английский язык_Вариант 4 - Bio-Lessons

НКТ. Английский язык_Вариант 4

Примерные тестовые задания
Национального квалификационного тестирования нового формата для педагогических работников и приравненных к ним лиц.
Вариант 4
1-БЛОК: Английский язык
Задания с выбором одного правильного ответа

1. The synonym of “withdraw”
A) want
B) remove
C) advance
D) reduce
E) need

2. Choose the verb with a similar
meaning to the phrasal verb „To look after”
A) to look like
B) to watch
C) to search
D) to wait
E) to take care
3. Find the equivalent to “a dead body of animal”:
A) famine
B) turban
C) sole
D) carcass
E) camisole
4. Choose the equivalent:
“the process of moving something from one place to another”
A) movance
B) movement
C) movable
D) move
E) moved
5. Choose the word correctly formed with prefix: over —
A) overmeet
B) evermore
C) overdressed
D) overmeal
E) overcrowded
6. The adjective of the word “urge” is
A) urgement
B) urgent
C) urgination
D) urgenion
E) urginance
7. Relating to science
A) scienced
B) sincerely
C) scientific
D) non-science
E) sciency
8. Choose the unreal conditional:
A) I will help you, if I find time
B) You would have a good rest, if you
came to my village.
C) If you speak English fluently, you‟ll
find a good job
D) If you spoke English fluently, you‟ll
find a good job
E) If you come to my country, you‟ll
have a good time
9. Appropriate answer
If he _____ English well, he __ the
article without difficulty yesterday.
A) know / had been translated
B) would know / will translate
C) knew / would translate
D) would have known / would have
E) has known / will have translate
10. The sentence with Complex Object” is
A) I can see some people walking
along the street
B) I can see how some people are
walking along the street
C) Some people are walking along the
street and I can see them
D) I am walking along the street with
some people
E) I can see some people who are
walking along the street

11. Appropriate answer
I haven‟t been to Beijing. I wish
I_______to Beijing.
A) been
B) will be
C) had been
D) have been
E) has been
12. Put in “for”.
A) I fell asleep …. the movie.
B) Martin hasn’t lived in Britain all his
Life. He lived in Brazil…. four years.
C) Jack started a new job a few weeks
ago. Before that he was out of work
six months.
F) I was shocked … what I saw. I’d
never seen anything like it before.
D) I waited for you …….. half an hour
and decided that you weren’t coming.
E) We were hungry when we arrived.
We hadn’t had anything to eat… the
13. Choose the right variant:
„… .each other for a long time?‟ „Yes,
since we were at school‟
A) Have you been knowing?
B) Did you know
C) Have you knew
D) Have you known
E) Do you known
14. Which of these verbs can take both
gerund and infinitive with similar
A) like, hate
B) decide
C) buy
D) after, to stay
E) speak
15. Forms of the verb:
A) ride, rode, rode
B) shine, shone, shinen
C) say, said, sayed
D) mistake, mistook, mistaken
E) sell, selled, sold
16. Find the ordinal numerals
A) fifty- one
B) eight million
C) thirteenth
D) eightieth
E) thirty
17. Find the ordinal numerals
A) second
B) forty
C) eighty eight
D) a thousand
E) eight million
18. Choose the correct variant.
0.03 — …………..
A) nought point three
B) point nought three
C) point nought third
D) nought point nought three
E) nought three
19. The correct form of adjective:
Mark plays football________anyone
else I know
A) better than
B) as better as
C) best than
D) as good as
E) more good than
20. Correct written fraction 3/4
A) three four
B) quarter three
C) three over four
D) four three
E) three quarters

21. Complete the sentence:
My watch is _______ minutes fast.
A) the ninth
B) the tenth
C) a third
D) fifth
E) ten
22. Choose the uncountable noun
A) gymnasium
B) game
C) ground
D) garden
E) giraffe
23. Choose the correct variant ½ percent
A) two first per cent
B) a half of one per cent
C) two one per cent
D) a half per cent
E) one second per cent
24. The opposite of the adjective
A) dry
B) deep
C) wet
D) dead
E) difficult
25. The correct answer:
What does he want to be?
A) He wants to become a singer
B) You know my father is an
C) I‟ll see if the money goes towards
buying goods
D) Our classmates want to become
E) He want to be a singer
26. The correct use of preposition
Mike is quite equal _______ his sister
in brain.
A) to
B) with
C) by
D) on
E) at
27. After the first bell rang, our teacher
________us to the class
A) slip away
B) disappear
C) run away
D) leave
E) invited
28. The correct use of the preposition
They are very similar. I often mistake
one_____________the other.
A) of
B) with
C) by
D) through
E) for
29. Choose the right verb form:
We thought about ………. early.
A) leave
B) leaving
C) to leave
D) leaved
E) to leaving
30. Define the function of Gerund in the
following sentence: Painting is one of
my hobbies.
A) object
B) subject
C) attribute
D) adverbial modifier
E) predicate

31. Define the part of speech of the
underlined word: My brother stopped reading and fell asleep.
A) gerund
B) adverb
C) infinitive
D) participle
E) modal verb

32. Complete the sentence with the
correct article:
love is a perfectly natural human feeling.
A) this
B) the
C) —
D) a
E) an


44. Define the underlined word.
Alice can‟t be abroad. I have seen her
this morning.
A) gerund
B) participle
C) adverb
D) infinitive
E) modal verb

45. If they had got a map of
London,they _________ their hotel.
A) must found
B) should find
C) had to find
D) might have found
E) would found
46. The right verb form is:
How long ………. you… .him?
A) have knowing
B) having know
C) had been known
D) have known
E) will know
47. Define the underlined word:
My friend advised me changing my hairdo.
A) infinitive
B) gerund
C) modal verb
D) adverb
E) participle
48. Passive form of the verb:
A) are done
B) was been
C) have gone
D) having been done
E) has been
49. Choose the correct preposition:
What are you looking ______ ? My hat.
A) for
B) through
C) after
D) around
E) at
50. Choose the correct answer:
What time _________ on television?
A) are the news
B) is news
C) news
D) is the new
E) is the news

Задания с выбором одного или нескольких правильных ответов
51. The words are in the 3rd
A) gate
B) dark
C) salad
D) sugar
E) snake
F) car
G) fast
H) large
52. Choose the right question:
You were talking to someone ………..
A) Who were you talking to?
B) was talking to you ?
C) Who talked to you?
D) to were you talking?
E) Who is talking to you?
F) were you to talking?
G) Who are you talking to?
53. Choose the right variant:
Is there anything wrong? ________
A) No, there is
B) Yes, there isn‟t
C) No, there isn‟t
D) Yes , there is
E) Yes, there are
F) No, there aren‟t
54. Complete the sentence with the
correct form of adjective:
Friendship is ______ than steel.
A) more stronger
B) the most strong
C) strongerer
D) stronger
E) the stronger
F) strongest
55. Odd numbers
A) 28
B) 86
C) 44
D) 23
E) 94
F) 22
G) 35
56. Which of them are possessive
pronouns ?
A) Theirs
B) Mine
C) We
D) myself
E) I
F) Hers
G) yourself
H) They
57. Complete the sentence:
He the dinner when I ____________
A) is cooking, arrived
B) cook, arrive
C) cooks, arrived
D) cook, arrives
E) was cooking, arrived
F) was cooking, arriving
58 is used with prepositions
A) modal verb
B) adverd
C) mood
D) noun
E) gerund
F) infinitive
G) verb
59. The Participle 2:
A) Being interested in Biology Bob
entered the medical colledge
B) After talking to the teacher Mike
felt better
C) We didn‟t enjoy the performance
because we were boring.
D) Yesterday I saw the criminal to rob
the bank
E) Having been introduced we shook
our hands
F) I heard my classmate singing a song
60. Correct the Tense form.Many
accidents … by dangerous driving.
A) were cause
B) are causing
C) were causing
D) caused
E) are caused
F) were being caused
G) is caused

Контекстные задания
5 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа
Health is a state of physical,
mental and social wellbeing. It involves
more than just the absence of disease. A
truly healthy person not only feels good
physically but also has a realistic
outlook on life and get on well with
other people. Good health enables
people to enjoy life and have the
opportunity to achieve their goals.
To achieve and maintain good
health, people must have basic
knowledge about the human body and
how it functions. Only they can decide
what will or what will not help or hurt
their health. All parts of the body must
work together properly to maintain
physical health. A person who is in
good physical condition has the
strength and energy to enjoy an active
life and withstand the stresses of daily
life. The various practices that help
maintain health include proper
nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep,
cleanliness and regular medical and
dental care.
Regular checkups by a physician
and dentist play an important role in
safeguarding health. Doctors
recommend that people seek medical
carte at the first sign of illness. Early
care can result in a quicker cure and
lower medical costs. Treating oneself
for more than a day or two is unwi se
unless the condition improves steadily.
A physician or medical clinic has the
knowledge and special equipment to
provide accurate diagnosis and
treatment Prevention of disease is an
important part of medical care. Children
should visit a doctor or clinic to receive
immunization against disease.
61. Complete the sentence. She felt
a_________in her heart when she had a
heart аttack.
A) cut
B) break
C) ache
D) hurt
E) pain

62. The first paragraph is about:
A) about sportsmen
B) social wellbeing
C) the importance of enjoying life
D) the importance of good health
E) to show the importance of sports
63. Athletic trainers:
A) hurt their health
B) only train team players
C) have nothing to do with sports
D) also play a great role in sports
E) to provide accurate
64. The text implies that:
A) team physician consults team
B) the duty of the team physician only
to give first aid to injured players
C) everyone should have a realistic
outlook in life
D) prevention of disease is very
E) people should have strength and
65. The main topic of the text
A) The importance of regular checkups
B) Prevention of diseases
C) To show how experts try to prevent
D) To show the way how physicians
treat team players
E) Elements of physical health
F) Elements of physical process
Контекстные задания
5 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа

The study has established that the
best course is prevention … and good
shoes. Knocks, falls, wear and tear…
18 % of sports players aged 8-12
already have heel injuries. The cartilage
of a footballer‟s ankle does not respond
well to shocks, and 25% of professions
have discovered for themselves that it is
an especially weak point The cartilage
of the delicate knee joint can also be
irreparable damaged and if care is not
taken right from childhood, this can
cause premature osteoarthritis.
According to the study, footballers who
have been playing for more than ten
years have bony outgrowths either on
the tibia or on the heel. This is what is
known as “footballer‟s foot”, a
deformity caused by shoes and ankle
parts that are too flexible.
If a shoe is too rigid, it restricts
movement. If it is too flexible, it
increases the risk of injuries and
sprains. A good sports shoe should
meet four criteria:
Firstly, it must provide exterior
protection. It must support the foot. It
must also provide players with good
stability. Finally, it must absorb shocks.
66. Osteoarthritis is…
A) a treatment for medical conditions
such as back pain or muscle injury.
B) a medical condition in which your
bones become more likely to break.
C) someone who is trained to practice
D) a serious medical condition that
affects the parts of your body where
your bones each other, making it
difficult for you to move.
E) a condition that affects the parts of
your hand where your bones each other,
making it difficult for you to move.
67. A substance similar to bone that
surrounds the joint in your body, or a
piece of this substance is…
A) cart
B) joint
C) knee
D) gristle
E) gravel
68. “A good sports shoe should meet
four criteria,” says the article. Which is
odd one?
A) It must support the ankle joint.
B) It must provide interior protection.
C) It must provide resisting knocks
from the ball.
D) It must absorb shocks to players
who are constantly jumping.
E) It must also provide players with
good stability to Wet and dry ground.
69. According to the article, why should
sports shoes not be to rigid?
A) It limits the movement.
B) It is too flexible.
C) It supports the affect the knee.
D) It causes the risk premature
E) It decreases the risk of injuries.
70. What does the author intend to show
in this text?
A) That it is best not to play football if
you are under 12 years of age.
B) That it is very important for young
sports players to wear good sports
C) That young people are suffering
more and more injuries due to their
poor physical condition.
D) Footballers who have been playing
for more than ten years can have bony
E) That the quality of many shoes has
greatly improved.

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