НКТ. Английский язык_Вариант 3 - Bio-Lessons

НКТ. Английский язык_Вариант 3

Примерные тестовые задания
Национального квалификационного тестирования нового формата для педагогических работников и приравненных к ним лиц.
Вариант 3
1-БЛОК: Английский язык
Задания с выбором одного правильного ответа

1. The synonym of “respect”:
A) look up to
B) look after
C) look down
D) look off
E) look for

2. Find the equivalent to “a dead body
of animal”:
A) carcass
B) turban
C) camisole
D) sole
E) famine
3. Complete the idiom: Walking on ..
A) hand
B) tongue
C) lip
D) air
E) eye
4. Give the equivalent: “having a pleasant flavour”
A) tasteless
B) bad
C) junk
D) good
E) tasteful
5. Find the word with the suffix meaning an acting person.
A) Written
B) Writer
C) Writing
D) Writability
E) Writness
6. Choose the correct variant:
Who will call you in the following situation.
You don’t know Italian, but you have to
translate an article from Italian.
A) engineer
B) locksmith
C) decorator
D) architect
E) interpreter
7. Choose the word with the opposite meaning «boring»
A) dull
B) funny
C) interesting
D) kind
E) clever
8. Suitable forms of the verbs:
If you… the job, you … more freedom.
A) get/would had
B) got / „d not have
C) get /would have
D) gets/ would have
E) got/will have
9. After the first bell rang, our teacher
__________us to the class.
A) invited
B) run away
C) disappear
D) leave
E) slip away
10. Sentence expressing purpose
A) A river which is polluted is not safe
for swimming
B) The road is too busy for the children
to cross safely
C) I haven‟t seen you for ages
D) The 1990 World Cup for football
was played in Italy
E) What are you looking for

11. William Shakespeare ____ in this house when he was a child
A) had lived
B) used to live
C) had been lived
D) was living
E) lives
12. Correct use of the articles
A) There is woman at the bus stop.
B) Can I ask question?
C) There was a interesting programme
on TV last night
D) Rachel works in bank.
E) I have not got a computer.
13. Choose the equivalent:
I wish I was rich.
A) If I‟ll be rich
B) If I have rich
C) If I‟ve been rich
D) If only I was rich
E) If I‟m rich
14. Choose the right preposition:
She was standing ______ the front
A) in
B) of
C) at
D) off
E) on
15. Forms of the verb:
A) mistake, mistook, mistaken
B) sell, selled, sold
C) say, said, sayed
D) shine, shone, shinen
E) ride, rode, rode
16. Correct use of pronouns
I haven‟t got any stamps, but I‟ll need-________.
A) it
B) some
C) them
D) ones
E) any
17. The correct variant of the number
A) nine thousands and hundreds
B) nine thousands and a hundred
C) nine million
D) nine thousand and hundred
E) nine milhons
18. Choose the right sentence:
A) Sue is lawyer like her father
B) Sue is a lawyer so as her father
C) Sue is a lawyer like her father
D) Sue is a lawyer as if her father
E) Sue is a lawyer likes her father
19. Choose the uncountable noun
A) ground
B) game
C) garden
D) giraffe
E) gymnasium
20. Fill in the gap:
Have you _______ money on you?
A) nothing
B) anything
C) any
D) some
E) every

21. The correct answer:
What does he want to be?
A) He want to be a singer
B) You know my father is an
C) Our classmates want to become
D) He wants to become a singer
E) I’ll see if the money goes towards
buying goods
22. Choose the correct variant. 2 ½ tons
A) two and one tons
B) second and a half tons
C) two tons and a half
D) two and two half tons
E) two and a half tons
23. Choose the correct sentences
A) I heard the mans‟ voice.
B) She won‟t spend a month‟s salary to
buy that dress.
C) Have you met Toms‟ friend?
D) Their husbands‟ names are Nick and
E) Do they sell the womens‟ clothes?
24. Complete the sentence:
Did___________exciting happen?
A) anything
B) any
C) everything
D) some
E) something
25. Choose the correct variant.
0.03 — …………..
A) point nought three
B) nought point three
C) point nought third
D) nought three
E) nought point nought three
26. The telegram was received
A) Past Perfect Passive
B) Past simple Passive
C) Past Continuous Passive
D) Past simple Active
E) Past Perfect
27. the noun in plural is:
A) Childrens/brothers
B) Childs/brothers
C) Children/brothers
D) Children/brother
E) Child/brothers
28. The new computer system ___ next
A) will be installed
B) are being installed
C) have been installed
D) been installed
E) be installed
29. Verb used with Complex Object
A) start
B) finish
C) agree
D) would like
E) mean
30.I _____ wait for her at the railway
station, but I was late.
A) had to
B) amto
C) was to
D) may
E) might

31. The tenses are used correctly in the
A) Mr. Johnson reads your report as
soon as he comes in
B) Mr. Johnson reads your report as
soon as he will come in
C) Mr. Johnson will read your report as
soon as he comes in
D) Mr. Johnson will read your report as
soon as he салю in
E) Mr. Johnson will read your report as
soon as he will come in

32. Choose an unreal conditional
A) If you do that again, I‟ll punish you.
B) If I am an astronaut, I‟d travel all
the planets.
C) If I was an astronaut, I‟d travel all
the planets.
D) If you did that again, I‟ll punish
E) If I were an astronaut, I‟d travel all
the planets.
33. Complete the sentence with the
correct article:
love is a perfectly natural human
A) a
B) the
C) —
D) this
E) an
34. The correct article is:
If you are hungry or thirsty you may go
to_______refre shment room
A) an
B) the
C) this
D) a
E) —
35. Find the conditional sentence:
A) If you need any help, call me
B) I‟ll come at 8 o‟clock
C) We had the house decorated
D) She takes after her mother
E) The plan to built a house
36. Change into indirect speech:
“What‟s the time”? She asked.
A) She asked what‟s the time
B) She askedwhat time it was
C) She asked what was the time
D) She asked what time
F) She asked what time was it
E) She asked what is it
37. Complete the sentence:
My father _______ drive a car.
A) let to me
B) lets me
C) let me
D) lets me to
E) let me to
38. Fill in a suitable form of the verb:
I want you ______ the truth.
A) to have told
B) to tell
C) to telling
D) told
E) tellin
39. Sentence with Complex Subject
A) The girl is expected to be wearing a
white jacket and black shirt
B) Hot weather makes me feel tired
C) Would you like to go now
D) We expected Dan to be late
E) He doesn‟t want anybody to know
40. The right equivalent:
-Why are you going out?
-1 want to telephone my mother.
A) wanted to telephone to his mother
B) is going out to telephone his mother
C) telephoned his mother
D) will to telephone to his mother
E) want to telephone to his mother

41. Scientists are planning to send …
.expedition to… .Venus during….2020
A) the, the,-
B) an, the,-
C) an, the, the
D) an, an,-
E) the,the, the
42. Complete the sentence:
We agreed _______
A) to going
B) should go
C) going
D) go
E) to go
43. Complete the sentence:
The traffic lights ……….. green and he
pulled away.
A) gone
B) turns
C) turned
D) became
E) got
44. Define the underlined word.
Alice can‟t be abroad. I have seen her
this morning.
A) modal verb
B) infinitive
C) gerund
D) participle
E) adverb
45. Use the correct Modal Verb:
She … know his address.
A) used
B) is able to
C) must
D) ought
E) could to
46. Report the sentence: „Have you seen
John recently?‟ She asked us
A) She asked us whether they had seen
John recently
B) She asked us whether have we seen
John recently
C) She asked us whether they have
seen John recently
D) She asked us whether had we seen
John recently
E) She asked us whether we had seen
John recently
47. Find the zero conditional:
A) present simple, if present simple
B) if present simple, future simple
C) past simple, would + infinitive
D) present simple, past simple
E) if past perfect, would + present
48. We aren‟t hungry. We … just…
A) have have
B) have had
C) has had
D) had had
E) had —
49. Join the sentences:
She is the one. I told you about her
A) Is one who I told her
B) Is whom I told you
C) She is the one I told you about
D) I told you about her
E) She is the girls I told you
50. The correct use of linking word
Robert didn‟t study for the test; _ __he
did very well.
A) therefore
B) nevertheless
C) unless
D) moreover
E) consequently

Задания с выбором одного или нескольких правильных ответов
51. Choose the words with the sound
[tʃ] A) School
B) Character
C) Picture
D) Chair
E) China
F) Architect
G) Chemistry
H) Which
52. If a preposition is followed by a
verb, the verb ends in -ing:
A) along
B) instead of
C) under
D) for
E) of
F) at
53. Sentences with Gerund
A) I can‟t get used to leaving alone.
B) His handwriting is very hard to read
C) This success marked the beginning
of a new phase in his career.
D) Drinking alcohol is veiy bad for
E) His greatest pleasure is dancing
F) My favorite activity is smoking
G) I remember locking the door
H) What do you think of going abroad
54. Find an adverb of degree:
A) carefully
B) angry
C) quite
D) downstairs
E) wonderful
F) a bit
55. Choose the correct way of reading
the date:
A) one thousand five hundred and
B) fifteen the sixty-seventh
C) the fifteen and sixty-seven
D) fifteen sixty-seventh
E) fifteen sixty-seven
F) fifteen and sixty-seven
56. Complete the sentence with the
correct form of adjective:
Friendship is ______ than steel.
A) stronger
B) strongerer
C) the most strong
D) more stronger
E) strongest
F) the stronger
57. These verbs have the structure
without to
A) make
B) let
C) would rather
D) want
E) must
F) can
G) expect
58. Choose the right variant:
A) a men
B) a people
C) a women
D) the rich
E) a children
F) the unemployed
59. The sentence with Participle II:
A) I often saw her at the disco,
surrounded by her admires
B) The watches made in Japan are very
C) He left the room without saying a
D) She is driving a car at this moment
E) She watered the flowers and left the
F) It was raining all day long
60. I‟m tired. I‟d rather ______ out this
evening, if you don‟t mind
A) to go
B) not to go
C) not go
D) not going
E) doesn‟t go
F) don‟t go

Контекстные задания
5 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа
Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde is a famous English
writer of the 19th century, Oscar Wilde
was bom in Dublin, Ireland, in 1854.
His mother wrote poetry, and she taught
him to love literature.
He was educated at Trinity
College, Dublin and Magdalen College,
Oxford. Soon after leaving university
his first volume of poetry, «Patience»
was published.
Oscar Wilde married Constance
Lloyd in 1884 and the couple had two
sons. When the boys were children
Wilde wrote fairy stories for them that
were later published as «The Happy
Prince and Other Tales» (1888).
Wilde‟s tales are very beautiful.
This was followed two years later by
the novel, «The Picture of Dorian Gray»
(1890) and a book on the role of the
artist, «The Soul of Man under
Socialism” (1891). However, it was a
playwright that Wilde had his greatest
success. Comedies such as «Lady
Windermere’s Fan» (1892), «A Woman
of No Importance» (1893), «An Ideal
Husband» (1895) and «The Importance
of Being Earnest» (1895) made him one
of Britain’s most famous writers. By
1895 Wilde had left his wife.
Wilde was publicly accused by the
Marquis of Queens berry. Wilde sued
for libel but he lost his case and was
then himself prosecuted and
After being released from Reading
Prison in 1897 Wilde moved to France.
The following year he wrote «The
Ballad of Reading Gaol» a poem
inspired by his prison experience.
Wilde’s time in prison badly damaged
his health and he died in 1900.
His books are read and his plays
are staged in many countries and in
many languages.
61. Which of his novel made him one of
the outstanding writers in Great Britain
A) «The Importance of Being Earnest»
B) «The Soul of Man under Socialism»
C) «A Woman of No Importance»
D) «Lady Windermere’s Fan»
E) «The Picture of Dorian Gray»

62. «The Picture of Dorian Gray» is a
novel about
A) the man who was always young and
his picture grew old and ugly.
B) the man who was cruel to his
C) the man who lived in the farm and
killed his slaves
D) the man who secretly helped poor
E) the man who had magic power and
he could solve any problems
63. In 1900
A) Wilde got sick
B) Wilde was imprisoned
C) Wilde wrote his best novel.
D) Wilde got sick and died.
E) Wilde lost his wife
64. Wilde was imprisoned because
A) Wilde wanted Marquis of
Queensbeny to be imprisoned.
B) Wilde lost the case against Marquis
of Queensbeny.
C) Wilde blamed Marquis of
Queensbeny in libel.
D) Marquis of Queensbeny blamed
Wilde in immoral behaviour.
E) Marquis of Queensbeny sued Wilde
for libel.
65. According to the text
A) Oscar Wilde‟s mother taught him in
Trinity colle ge.
B) Oscar Wilde wrote only fairy tales.
C) Oscar Wilde had good education.
D) Oscar Wilde had three children.
E) Oscar Wilde died in Reading Prison.
Контекстные задания
5 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа

The friendliest country in the
A new report shows which are the
friendliest countries in the world. The
HSBC bank the Expat Explorer Survey
to find out which countries offered the
most comfortable lifestyles. Researches
questioned people in one hundred
different countries between May and
July 2011. They asked 3.385
respondents to find out which countries
they would prefer to make there second
home. The questions were based on
how easy it is to make friends with the
local people; learning the local
language, fitting in with the new
culture, and integrating into the local
community. The top-ranked country
was New Zealand, followed by
Australia, South Africa, Canada and the
United States.
The largest global survey allows
us to capture invaluable insights into
expat life and how it differs from
country to country, continent to
continent and from an expats‟ home
country of origin. The lowest ranked
country w as The United Arab
Emirates, which is surprising as around
80 % of the whole population
comprises of expatriates. Most of these
poorly paid labourers who are unlikely
to be eligible for HSBC‟s survey. India
finished second bottom.
66. One of the friendliest country is ..
A) United Arabian Emirates
B) India
C) New Zealand
D) Austria
E) Russia
67. The survey was to find out __ .
A) the integration into local community
B) the difficulties of the local language
C) the country which could be the
second home
D) the unfriendliest country
E) the most comfortable lifestyle
68. In the United Arabian Emirates 20%
of the population is
A) habbitants
B) labourers
C) natives
D) expatriates
E) patriots
69. expatriates‟ means
A) someone who lives in a particular place
B) someone who was born in a particular place
C) someone who lives in a foreign
D) someone who leaves their country
because of war
E) someone whose job involves hard
physical work
70. The lowest ranked country was
United Arabian Emirates, because ….
A) the labourers have low salary
B) HSBC‟s survey was not eligible
C) 80 % of population are labourers
D) the labourers were not eligible
enough for the survey
E) 80 % of the population didn‟t take
part in the survey

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