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НКТ. Английский язык_Вариант 2

Примерные тестовые задания
Национального квалификационного тестирования нового формата для педагогических работников и приравненных к ним лиц.
Вариант 2
1-БЛОК: Английский язык
Задания с выбором одного правильного ответа

1. The antonym of “sophisticated”
A) inexperienced
B) interesting
C) powerful
D) talented
E) weak

2. Complete the idiom:
Play it by …
A) tongue
B) ear
C) lip
D) eye
E) hand
3. Paraphrase “to switch off”
A) to go on
B) to turn off
C) to put off
D) to look for
E) to turn on
4. The correct suffix to the word “original”
A) able
B) ly
C) ible
D) ship
E) ity
5. The noun of the word “dispose” is . . .
A) dispossess
B) disposement
C) disposal
D) dispose
E) disposed
6. Give the synonym to the word «clever»:
A) kind
B) intelligent
C) boring
D) funny
E) strict
7. Find the opposite to «white»:
A) red
B) green
C) pink
D) yellow
E) black
8. “the” is used:
A) with proper nouns
B) before consonant sounds
C) before vowel sounds
D) in a general sense
E) before ordinal numerals
9. ____moon goes round______Earth.
A) a, the
B) the, an
C) —,—
D) the, the
E) an, the
10. An uncountable noun is:
A) chair
B) beauty
C) piano
D) day
E) dress

11. Correct use of articles
My dictionary is on ___ top shelf on ___ right.
A) the, the
B) the, —
C) a, the
D) -, the
E) the, a
12. Choose the correct variant of prepositions:
She lives _____London. She owns a house _____ the Thames river.
A) at/on
B) in/on
C) on/on
D) at/in
E) in/at
13. Find the function of gerund in the sentence:
During the lesson we practiced writing a letter.
A) object
B) subject
C) adverbial modifier
D) attribute
E) predicate
14. an appropriate preposition:
Paul will look ______________ our dogs while we‟re on holiday.
A) for
B) after
C) at
D) on
E) into
15. The correct preposition:
The people will have solved the problem of pollution _____ 2050
A) by
B) at
C) till
D) in
E) to
16. Choose an appropriate pronoun:
There were … people at the party that I didn’t know.
A) Anything.
B) Some
C) Nothing
D) Anybody
E) Somebody
17. Fill in a suitable pronoun:
Write about the results of _____ interview.
A) her
B) ours
C) his
D) you
E) your
18. Сhoose the correct question word:
If I try to be like him, …will be like me?
A) Why
B) Whose
C) Who
D) How
E) What
19. Appropriate answer
It is 15:15
A) It is a quarter past five
B) It is fifteen past fifteen
C) It is a quarter to three
D) It is three o‟clock fifteen minutes
E) It is a quarter past three
20. Correct answer
A) the thirty of April two thousand and five
B) the thirteenth of April two thousand and five
C) the thirtieth of April two thousand five
D) the thirtieth April two thousand and five
E) the thirtieth of April two thousand and five

21. Appropriate answer:
A) 12.00 a.m
B) 12.00 p.m
C) 13.00 p.m
D) 15.00 a.m
E) 13.00 a.m
22. The correct answer:
It is _____ difficult for me to read books in English than in Russian.
A) the most
B) most
C) more
D) better
E) the more
23. Choose the correct answer:
Good health is … than money.
A) most important
B) importanter
C) the most important
D) more important
E) the more important
24. Adjectives of size
A) young
B) black
C) wooden
D) nice
E) tall
25. The opposite of the adjective “shallow”.
A) dry
B) dead
C) difficult
D) wet
E) deep
26. He ___ a very experienced teacher. He ___ French for 15 years.
A) will be / was teaching
B) is / has been teaching
C) to be / taught
D) am / is teaching
E) was / are teaching
27. Present Perfect Tense sentence:
A) Ann‟s left for Almaty
B) Ann‟s leaving
C) Ann‟d left when we got there
D) Ann‟s a doctor
E) Ann left
28. This statement is not about Passive voice.
A) We use for repeated action and to talk about things in general
B) When we want to say who or what did the action, we use by
C) Sometimes we use „get‟ in the passive instead of be
D) When the subject is not the agent, then we use a passive verb
E) Some verbs can have two objects
29. The car is very old. We‟re ____________________ a new car.
A) bought
B) buy
C) will buy
D) going to buy
E) going buy
30. If they had got a map of London, they _____________ their hotel.
A) must found
B) had to find
C) should find
D) would found
E) might have found

31. Future form of the modal verb “can”:
A) should
B) will be able to
C) would
D) was able to
E) could
32. Choose the correct variant of Complex Object:
A) My teacher won‟t me to be active at the lesson.
B) My teacher want me to be active at the lesson.
C) My teacher wants me be active at the lesson.
D) My teacher wants me to be active at the lesson.
E) My teacher doesn‟t want me be active at the lesson.
33. The correct sentence with Complex Object is:
A) Who closed the door behind him?
B) Have you seen him? He was here.
C) I definitely know the house he lives.
D) She saw him closing the door behind him.
E) I will sent an invitation for you
34. Correct answer
We noticed a young man _____down and order a meal.
A) was sitting
B) is sitting
C) sit
D) sits
E) sat
35. The correct sentence with Complex Object is:
A) I saw children playing computer games
B) Its forbidden to play games at the lesson
C) What games do your children like to play
D) My cousin has never seen the playing children
E) Have you seen the children?
36. Complete the sentence:
She …..me a story about her children.
A) says
B) tell
C) said
D) told
E) speaks
37. Report the sentence: „Where did they go last week?‟ She asked me
A) She asked me where they went last week
B) She asked me where did they go the week before
C) She asked me where they had gone the week before
D) She asked me where they had gone the week ago
E) She asked me where had they gone the week before
38. The appropriate endings of the sentence
He said …
A) he does his homework
B) he was doing his homework now
C) he is doing his homework now
D) he will do his homework
E) he had already done his homework
39. Tense changes in reported speech:
A) past simple > present perfect simple
B) past perfect > past perfect
C) present perfect > present perfect tense
D) going to > will be
E) present simple > past continuous
40. Find the zero conditional:
A) if present simple, future simple
B) present simple, past simple
C) if past simple, would + infinitive
D) present simple, if present simple
E) if past perfect, would + present infinitive

41. Correct verb form
The children … in the open air if the weather … better last Sunday.
A) had played / was
B) would have played / had been
C) will play/ is
D) played / was
E) would play / were
42. Find the 2 nd conditional:
A) present perfect, would + present infinitive
B) present simple, present simple
C) past simple, would + infinitive
D) past perfect, would + present infinitive
E) present simple, future simple
43. Complete the sentence:
If Marat had studied harder he would … the University.
A) Had enter
B) Have entered
C) Had entered
D) Has entered
E) Enters
44. Present Participle Passive
A) While watching the film she forgot about everything
B) The building painting is a new school
C) The room facing the garden is much more comfortable than this one
D) While being examined, the boy could not help crying
E) The house built in our street is very beautiful
45. Complete the sentence:
The woman….works for a TV company.
A) living next door
B) lived to the next door
C) who is lives
D) living to the next door
E) live next door
46. Complete the sentence:
I hope _____ you this weekend
A) to saw
B) to see
C) to seeing
D) saw
E) will see
47. Gerund as the Attribute
A) I don‟t approve of the idea of his sending there
B) I enjoy listening to classical music
C) After analyzing these dates we changed our opinion
D) He went out without speaking words
E) Playing football is his favourite hobby
48. Complete the sentence:
It‟s late. It‟s time … home.
A) We must go
B) To go
C) Are gone
D) Go
E) We should go
49. The underlined word is:
I enjoy reading new books.
A) adjective
B) noun
C) present participle
D) gerund
E) predicate
50. Which of these verbs can take both gerund and infinitive with similar
A) love, prefer
B) buy
C) decide
D) after, stay
E) speak

Задания с выбором одного или нескольких правильных ответов
51. “th” is pronounced as in the words ______
A) though
B) thing
C) breath
D) forth
E) birthday
F) leather
G) enthusiasm

52. Choose the right preposition: to insist _____
A) by
B) below
C) of
D) in
E) for
F) at
G) on
53. Choose the right preposition:
I prefer mineral water _____ juice.
A) than
B) without
C) against
D) for
E) at
F) to
G) over
54. Complete the sentence
___ go to the party every week.
A) my
B) I
C) she
D) our
E) you
F) he
G) they
H) me
55. Appropriate answer:
A) 12.00 m.a
B) 14 a.m
C) 12.00 p.m
D) 12.00 a.m
E) 24.00 m.a
F) 13.00 p.m
56. Complete the sentence:
What time….on TV?
A) is the news
B) of news
C) is new
D) are the news
E) are news
F) news
57. Complete the sentence with an appropriate verb form:
At that moment Jack‟s wife came in and said that she … the police.
A) had called
B) had been called
C) called
D) will have called
E) has called
F) is going to call
58. The correct Indirect Speech sentence is:
The teacher asked, “Are you ready for the lesson?”
A) The teachers asked the students if they were ready for the lesson
B) The teacher asked we have been ready for the lesson
C) The teacher asked if they were ready for the lesson
D) Our teacher asked that we are ready for the lesson
E) The teacher said to be ready for the lesson.
F) She asked us if they are ready for the lesson
59. Sentences with Passive Participle:
A) After being questioned, Andrew left
B) Having read the book, the boy came out of the room
C) Having finished my work I went home
D) The bridge having been swept by the flood away, the train didn‟t arrive
E) On being heard the news she drove straight home
F) Having been sent to the wrong address, the letter didn‟t reach him
60. Gerund is used in …
A) Will you stop ___________ (to make) so much noise
B) The teacher writing the sentences on the board stopped ______(to answer) the
pupils‟ questions.
C) Why don‟t we stop ______ (to have) a cup of coffee
D) An old man walking along the road stopped _____(to talk) to us
E) They stop _______ (to write) this tip and continued reading
F) She stopped ________(to eat) fast food, it is not healthy.
G) I think you should stop ________(to smoke) a lot
H) They decided to stop ______ (to work) for this company.

Контекстные задания
5 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа
The friendliest country in the world
A new report shows which are the friendliest countries in the world. The
HSBC bank the Expat Explorer Survey to find out which countries offered the
most comfortable lifestyles. Researches questioned people in one hundred different
countries between May and July 2011. They asked 3.385 respondents to find out
which countries they would prefer to make there second home. The questions were
based on how easy it is to make friends with the local people; learning the local
language, fitting in with the new culture, and integrating into the local community.
The top-ranked country was New Zealand, followed by Australia, South Africa,
Canada and the United States.
The largest global survey allows us to capture invaluable insights into expat
life and how it differs from country to country, continent to continent and from an
expats‟ home country of origin. The lowest ranked country was The United Arab
Emirates, which is surprising as around 80 % of the whole population comprises of
expatriates. Most of these poorly paid labourers who are unlikely to be eligible for
HSBC‟s survey. India finished second bottom.
61. One of the friendliest country is ….
A) Austria
B) Russia
C) India
D) United Arabian Emirates
E) New Zealand
62. The lowest ranked country was United Arabian Emirates, because ….
A) 80 % of population are labourers
B) the labourers were not eligible enough for the survey
C) the labourers have low salary
D) 80 % of the population didn‟t take part in the survey
E) HSBC‟s survey was not eligible
63. In the United Arabian Emirates 20% of the population is
A) expatriates
B) habbitants
C) natives
D) patriots
E) labourers
64. expatriates‟ means
A) someone whose job involves hard physical work
B) someone who was born in a particular place
C) someone who lives in a particular place
D) someone who leaves their country because of war
E) someone who lives in a foreign country
65. The survey was to find out ____.
A) the country which could be the second home
B) the unfriendliest country
C) the most comfortable lifestyle
D) the difficulties of the local language
E) the integration into local community
Контекстные задания
5 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа

One early spring day a farm boy found a little dog with a broken leg in a
forest. He took it home. A month later the boy and the dog went hunting. They
both disappeared in the forest. The boy‟s mother asked her neighbours for help.
Suddenly they heard the barking of the dog. They found the little dog guarding the
boy at a small cave, where a huge stone had slipped across the opening and the boy
couldn‟t get out of it. The dog helped his master . The boy lived to become a wellknown wrestler and a champion handball and baseball player, too.
66. Why did the boy‟s mother ask neighbours for help?
A) they go for hunting
B) they went to the near village
C) they went to his friend‟s home
D) she wanted to for hunting ,too
E) they couldn‟t come back home
67. People like dogs because they _______
A) are genuine friends
B) are hunters
C) are clever
D) are helpless
E) like barking
68. The boy take the dog home because ____
A) it has a broken leg
B) it was a big dog
C) it was his friend
D) he wants to go hunting
E) it was a clever dog
69. How did his mother‟s neighbours find the boy?
A) he knew all the way
B) he looks for everywhere
C) they heard the barking of the dog
D) they heard the boy
E) a forester told them where the boy was
70. Why did the boy and the dog couldn‟t come back home?
A) the boy felt bad in the forest
B) the boy felt good in the forest
C) the boy lost his way in the forest
D) a large stone slipped across the opening
E) the boy couldn‟t get out of tree
Тест по 1-БЛОКУ: «Английский язык_Вариант2» завершен.

Рекомендуем пройти Тест по блоку: “Педагогика, методика обучения”

НКТ. Английский язык_Вариант 2 Тренировочные тестовые варианты по учебным предметам.

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  • Ирина

    1. A
    2. B
    3. B
    4. B
    5. C
    6. B
    7. E
    8. E
    9. D
    10. C
    11. A
    12. B
    13. A
    14. B
    15. A
    16. B
    17. E
    18. C
    19. E
    20. E
    21. A
    22. C
    23. D
    24. E
    25. E
    26. B
    27. A
    28. A
    29. D
    30. E
    31. B
    32. D
    33. D
    34. C
    35. A
    36. D
    37. C
    38. E
    39. B
    40. D
    41. B
    42. C
    43. B
    44. D
    45. A
    46. B
    47. A
    48. B
    49. D
    50. A
    51. A, F
    52. G
    53. F
    54. B,E,G
    55. C
    56. A
    57. A
    58. A,C,
    59. А,D,E,F
    60. A,E,F,G,H
    61. E
    62. C
    63. C
    64. E
    65. C
    66. E
    67. A
    68. A
    69. C
    70. D

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    В 10 вопросе правильный ответ В-красота (Uncountable). И в тесте ошибка и у Ирины ошибка

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    в 10 вопросе правильные ответы: AFGH. E не может быть правильным, тк смысл предложения такой: Они читали, остановились, чтобы записать совет и продолжили читать. В этом случае употребляется инфинитив, а не герундий.

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