НКТ. Английский язык_Вариант 5 - Bio-Lessons

НКТ. Английский язык_Вариант 5

Примерные тестовые задания
Национального квалификационного тестирования нового формата для педагогических работников и приравненных к ним лиц.
Вариант 5
1-БЛОК: Английский язык
Задания с выбором одного правильного ответа

1. Give the antonym to the word
A) definitly
B) indefinite
C) undefinite
D) redefinite
E) indefinite

2. Complete the proverb: home is best.
A) room or flat…
B) house or flat…
C) North or South …
D) East or West…
E) East or flat…
3. The synonym of “respect”:
A) look down
B) look up to
C) look for
D) look off
E) look after
4. Define the word «include»:
A) have as a friend
B) a new group
C) something very amusing
D) have a new group
E) put into a group
5. Find noun suffixes
A) -ous
B) — ate
C) -ism
D) — ance/-ence
E) -able/-ible
6. Give the synonym:
“personal opinion”
A) think
B) sight
C) view
D) sing
E) eye
7. Give the equivalent: “having a pleasant flavour”
A) junk
B) tasteful
C) bad
D) good
E) tasteless
8. Choose a conditional sentence:
A) After reading a letter, he changed
his mind
B) She insisted on paying the bell
C) Before I got this job, I used to go
out a lot
D) You shouldn‟t interrupt people
E) If I stay out late, I always get a taxi
9. Sentence with Complex Subject
A) It was difficult at first, but Mike
soon got used to working at night
B) It took ages to download the
pictures from the Internet
C) The President was reported to have
suffered from a heart attack
D) Andrew and Jessica help each other
with their homework
E) Mark photocopied the figures for
the Sales Manager to have a lo ok at
10. Choose the correct variant of a
sentence with Complex Object:
A) My parents to want to be honest.
B) My parents to want you to be
C) My parents want me to be honest.
D) My parents want to you to be
E) My parents want to be honest.

11. Report the sentence: „I was waiting
for you,‟ she told Ben
A) She told Ben I had been waiting for
B) She told Ben she had been waiting
for him
C) She told Ben she was waiting for
D) She told Ben she is waiting for him
E) She told Ben I was waiting for him
12. the correct preposition:
We‟ve been friends__________many
A) since
B) for
C) during
D) from
E) so
13. Complete the sentence:
for you around 2 o‟clock outside
A) I‟d waiting
B) I waited
C) I wait
D) I‟m waiting
E) I have been waiting
14. Dr.Hammond gave me __ good
A) a
B) an
C) the
D) on
E) —
15. Fill in a suitable form of the verb:
I want you _______ the truth.
A) to telling
B) to have told
C) told
D) telling
E) to tell
16. Correct answer of date:
A) the eight of the March
B) March and the eight
C) the eighth of March
D) eighth of March
E) the eighth of March
17. Incorrect written number
A) nineteen
B) ninth
C) nineth
D) nine
E) ninety
18. The correct comparative form:
Prevention is _______ than cure
A) as good as
B) good
C) best
D) better
E) the best
19. Complete the sentence.
That new house belongs to me, so it
A) mine
B) my
C) yours
20. The correct form of adjective:
The living room is_________than the
A) more bigger
B) most big
C) bigger
D) more big
E) biggest

21. Complete the sentence:
When I was in the USA in 1952,1 saw
the … President of the USA.
A) real
B) kind
C) past
D) father
E) same
22. Choose the correct word:
W’ash with cold water ______ 3
A) anything
B) anywhere
C) every
D) some
E) anybody
23. Choose the correct answer:
Open your books …
A) at the twentieth first page
B) on twenty-one page
C) twenty first page
D) with page twenty one
E) at page twenty one
24. Fill in a suitable question word:
is your topic?
A) How much
B) What
C) Why
D) When
E) How many
25. The correct reading of „27/04‟
A) The twenty and seventh of April.
F) The twenty seven of April.
B) The twentieth and seven of April.
C) The twentieth seventh of April.
D) The twenty- seventh of April.
E) The twentieth seven of April.
26. Complete the sentence:
What ………. if I offered you a job?
A) would you say
B) would have said
C) would say you
D) will have say
E) will you say
27. Sentences with Perfect Infinitive
A) We hope to finished the job soon
B) I want to see a manager
C) I‟m glad to have seen her
D) You should written the composition
E) I noticed that he seemed to be
smoking a lot
28. Verb used with Complex Object.
A) threaten
B) give up
C) justify
D) know
E) continue
29. Suitable forms of the verbs:
If you … the job, you … more freedom.
A) got/will have
B) gets/ would have
C) get /would have
D) got / „d not have
E) get/would had
30. Fill in a suitable modal verb:
She _______ have been ill.
A) must
B) should to
C) may
D) can
E) could to

31. Fill in the correct modal verb
Astronauts are _____ stay on space
stations for a long time.
A) able to
B) ought to
C) may
D) might
E) have to
32. The right verb fonn is:
I was met at the station by my aunt.
A) infinitive
B) perfect participle
C) gerund
D) past simple passive
E) perfect continuous
33. Complete the sentence:
She ……….. me a story about her
A) said
B) says
C) speaks
D) told
E) tell
34. The Past Continuous Tense is
A) is doing
B) were being built
C) were making
D) had been
E) has gone
35. Incorrect answer
If you _____ wisely you __ cheerfully.
A) will command / are obeyed
B) command / will be obeyed
C) command / are obeyed
D) had commanded / would have been
E) commanded / would be obeyed
36. The right verb form is:
I look forward _______ you again next
A) to see
B) to saw
C) see
D) seeing
E) to seeing
37. The sentence formulated correctly is
A) Most parents want that their
children get a university education
B) Most parents want their children get
a university education
C) Most parents want that their
children will get a university education
D) Most parents want their children
getting a university’ education
E) Most parents want their children to
get a university education
38. Choose the Complex Object:
A) She wants I to read this book.
B) She won‟t me to read this book.
C) She don‟t want me to read this
D) She wants me to read this book.
E) She want me to read this book.
39. Complete the sentence:
My father ______ drive a car.
A) lets me
B) let me
C) lets me to
D) let to me
E) let me to
40. The second conditional form:
A) present simple, future simple
B) present simple, would + infinitive
C) past simple, future simple
D) past simple, would + infinitive
E) present perfect, would + infinitive

41. Scientists are planning to send …
.expedition to… .Venus during…..2020
A) the, the,-
B) an, an,-
C) an, the,-
D) an, the, the
E) the,the, the
42. Correct use of the articles
A) There is woman at the bus stop.
B) Can I ask question?
C) There was a interesting provamme
on TV last night.
D) I have not got a computer.
E) Rachel works in bank.
43. The plural form of the word «clifif»
A) dives
B) clivs
C) clififes
D) cliveses
E) cliffs
44. You have been travelling all day.
You … be tired.
A) can
B) should
C) must
D) need
E) have
45. The correct forms of the verbs for
the following sentence are__________
Daniel (wait) for Sarah for almost two
hours before she finally (turn up). .
A) had been waiting / had turned up
B) was waiting / had turned up
C) has been waiting / turned up
D) waited / turned up
E) had been waiting / turned up
46. Choose the correct answer
We noticed a young man
down and ordering a meal.
A) Sat
B) sitting
C) sits
D) is sitting
E) was sitting
47. The correct use of linking word
Dr. King gives interesting lectures; he is very popular with his
A) consequently
B) however
C) but also
D) contrary
E) not only
48. Choose the unreal conditional
A) I‟ll be glad, if my friend comes
B) If I find time, I‟ll try to help you
C) I‟ll travel all over the world, if I
have enough money
D) If I had enough money, I‟d travel all
over the world
E) If I have enough money, I‟ll travel
all over the world
49. The correct use of Article
They went on … expedition to… North.
A) -/the
B) a / the
C) the / the
D) the / a
E) an / the
50. The correct use of preposition
There is a place _____ 6 stamps _ each
page ______________ Nick‟s stamp book.
A) for/at/of
B) for/in/of
C) for/on/of
D) at/on/for
E) to/in/in

Задания с выбором одного или нескольких правильных ответов
51. Choose the words with the
sound [ ] A) That
B) Three
C) Thank
D) There
E) Father
F) Thick
G) Brother
H) Mother
52. Sentences with Direct Speech:
A) He wants to know if the center has got a town plan
B) She’said “It‟s been raining”
C) She said “The world is round”
D) He said “Sorry. I wasn‟t listening”
E) El Claire told me that her father
owned a racehorse
F) “Please help me” I said to Sarah
G) He said “Andrew is working”
53. Complete the sentence:
He the dinner when I ____________
A) was cooking, arrived
B) cook, arrives
C) was cooking, arriving
D) cook, arrive
E) is cooking, arrived
F) cooks, arrived
54. Correct order of adjectives
It was a … woman in a … dress and a …
hat on.
A) young/ short/ pretty
B) young/ pretty/ long
C) middle-aged/ long/ pretty
D) pretty /long/ middle-aged
E) long/ middle-aged/ pretty
F) middle-aged/ pretty/ long
G) long/ pretty/ middle- aged
55. Complete the sentence
We want to write the task ______
A) with our teacher
B) himself
C) these
D) themself
E) herself
F) myself
G) themselves
H) ourselves
56. Find an adverb of degree:
A) wonderful
B) quite
C) angry
D) carefully
E) downstairs
F) abit
57. Choose the general question:
A) Do they know French or German?
B) How is your brother?
C) What do you know?
D) How many words did you write?
E) Does Mary like milk?
F) Have you bought a car yet?
G) Where do you live?
58. Complete the sentence with the
correct question word:
…. does it take you to get there?
A) Where
B) How long
C) How much
D) How many
E) Why
F) flow
59. The sentence with Participle II:
A) She watered the flowers and left the
B) The watches made in Japan are very
C) I often saw her at the disco,
surrounded by her admires
D) It was raining all day long
E) She is driving a car at this moment
F) He left the room without saying a
60. Indirect speech
A) Maiy told Sam it was five o‟clock
B) She said that she was watching TV
C) Mr Green said that he is sorry
D) It wasn‟t raining
E) We may be famous
F) I thought that she had forgotten
about my birthday

Контекстные задания
5 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа
One day I went to the forest with
my class. It was winter. It was warm in
the morning. According to the forecast
the cold weather wasn‟t expected in few
days. Suddenly it changed. Children
played and we returned back late. One
of the girls got frozen her fingers.
Immediately entering home I tri ed to
use a popular method of treating frozen
fingers and toes in very cold. Even
freezing weather was too slowly I
rewarmed them and rubbed them with
snow. I know that the best treatment,
however, is not slow rewarming but
rapid rewarming. Putting the frozen
fingers or toes in a warm bath or using
a hot water bottle is both good ways to
treat them Hot drinks to warm the body
from within are also helpful. One must
be careful about burning the skin,
however. The temperature of any heat
applied should not be greater than 43 C.
61. According to the forecast the cold
weather …
A) was announced.
B) is going to change.
C) was expected in few days.
D) wasn‟t supposed in few days.
E) will have frost.
62. To stop someone from being
affected by an illness is…
A) deal with
B) be nice to
C) behave towards
D) cure
E) respect
63. It is pointed out in the passage that ___ .
A) one should take a bath as often as
possible in winter.
B) the use of hot water bottles to
rewarm the body is not advisable.
C) people should be warned not to go
out in freezing cold weather.
D) one should try to rewarm frozen
fingers and toes fairly rapidly.
E) in rewarming the body the higher
the temperature the better the result is.
64. The author warns that _ __ .
A) recovery cannot be as rapid as one
would expect.
B) in rewarming the body, care must be
taken not to bum the skin.
C) hot drinks must not be taken in
D) one should never rub frozen fingers
and toes with snow.
E) the minimum temperature required
is 43 C.
65. The main concern of the passage is ____ .
A) how to treat fingers and toes that
have been frozen.
B) why frozen fingers and toes should
be slowly rewarmed.
C) how to keep adequately warm in the
D) the dangers of freezing weather for
the body.
E) why one should have plenty of hot
drinks in winter.
Контекстные задания
5 заданий с выбором одного правильного ответа

Read the text and answer the
Ever fancied being on TV?
The good news is that there‟s
probably a show for you. You could
sing and dance to get a part in a
musical. You could become an
apprentice footballer at a top club, or an
apprentice business executive. If you c
an cook, you might win your own
restaurant, or you could invent
something amazing and get rich. If you
don‟t actually know how to do
anything, you could just let viewers
watch you live in a big house, and hope
you are voted the most popular resident.
There are more exciting shows,
though. How about a race around the
world for $1 million? In the US show‟
The Amazing Race‟ eleven pairs of
contestants race around the world and
have to complete different tasks on the
way. These include the
„ordinary‟(playing volleyball, gathering
sheep) , the „personal‟ (getting tattooed,
shaving your head) ,the „disgusting‟
(eating two kilos of meat, drinking
blood) and the „dangerous (rolling over
a car, bungee jumping) . The pairs are
allowed to decide how to get to their
destinations- by car, train, boat, plane
or bus- but they are not allowed to ask
help or use mobile phones.
This kind of show is not exactly
new, so what makes us keep watching?
Well, what is different about „The
Amazing Race” is that the participants
know each other. They are married
couples, dating couples, ex-couples,
best friends and family members.
Just like in real life, people who
are close argue and get frustrated with
each other when they are stressed. This
is what makes the show successful. The
contestants don‟t know exactly what‟s
going to happen next. Some pairs really
come together in these situations, while
others completely fall apart. Which is
all a little more real than most „reality‟
66. One of these words are not
mentioned as prizes …
A) money
B) a restaurant
C) a job
D) a theatre role
E) a big house
67. According to the text, one of the
sentences below is not a reason for the
popularity of „The Amazing Race‟:
A) The teams face stressful situations.
B) There are a lot of surprises.
C) The contestants‟ reactions to
problems are realistic.
D) The team members don‟t know each
other well.
E) Some teams have bad arguments.
68. Find the word in the text which
mean the same as this definition ‘ a person who plans the production of a
TV programme’
A) Audience
B) Viewers
C) Contestant
D) Apprentice
E) Producer
69. Find the word in the text which
mean the same as this definition
‘somebody who is training to do a
A) Participant
B) Audience
C) Apprentice
D) Producer
E) Contestant
70. According to the text, participants in
„The Amazing Race‟ don‟t do this
A) take flights
B) work in teams
C) control animals
D) dance
E) do puzzles

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